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October 27, 2010
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Kratos Vs Goku by gvbn10 Kratos Vs Goku by gvbn10
I decided to make this art inspired by war games, and who never dreamed to seeing a battle between these two immortal heroes.
on this side is Kratos, with his Athena's blade.. and on the other side is goku, with his super Saiyan 2 ki.
Yes, for us mere mortals this duel could mean the end of the earth (again hehe)
But anyway, it behooves you just imagine how this battle would be epic!
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Kratos. Here's why:

1. Goku almost died of heart disease, and other Saiyans die from holes through the chest, so it's pretty obvious that the devouring power of the Blade of Olympus would destroy him.

2. While Goku is far faster, Kratos would still be stronger.

3. Goku's Ki attacks are powerful, but the Golden Fleece would easily deflect any beams sent its way, as it can even reflect the Blade of Olympus. It was only destroyed by Zeus because he is the king of Olympus, and Olympus created it, along with all of Kratos' weapons, other than the Blades of Exile, which is why they are the only weapon that survived.

4. Goku is a predictable fighter, whereas while Kratos is immobile, he is a very unpredictable warrior, using any weapon available to him, and proving very difficult to predict. His finishing moves often keep even the player guessing.

Got this from a story. Here's the link:…

Don't know God of War very well, or at all. But considering how low level DBZ fighters Planet-Busting Ki blasts, I don't know how well the fleece would defend Kratos. Also, if you watch the original Dragon Ball, Goku can be very unpredictable. 
Goku wouldn't try to use a planet-busting attack. Plus, such attacks aren't as spectacular as they seem. The beam drills through the planet's surface and smashes into the core, destroying it or badly damaging it in the process, thus causing the planet to implode. Now, it would be more impressive if the beam was big enough to engulf the planet completely, but I think only Broly could do that. Also, Goku's sense of honor would be a major problem for him against Kratos, and his body can catch on fire. It tends to take him a while to charge up his best attacks and/or transform into his stronger forms, and Kratos is not the type of person to let them finish since he is an EXTREME combat pragmatist.
doubt kratos could do anything against dragon ball z universe top guys like goku...
superJROlander Dec 10, 2013  Student General Artist
Great mystisism
well, this is just amazing! I love the way you rendered Goku in shadow. and even made the appearance of his Super Saiyan look mysterious and demonic
Really like the colors, they're amazing.
Serron Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I can see how this would go:
1. Goku kills Kratos.
2. Kratos goes to Hades.
3. Kratos fights his way out of Hades.
4. Kratos kills shit and collects stuff to grow stronger.
5. Goku vs Kratos part 2.
6. Kratos kills Goku.
7. Goku wished back to life.
8. Goku grows stronger.
9. Goku Vx Kratos part 3.
10. See item 1 and repeat.
I can't really see Kratos killing Goku, where is he even going to find a weapon that can kill him anyways?
Serron Oct 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
He found a weapon to kill Zeus, didn't he? Managed to kill the Gods of Olympus. Maybe Kratos finds the legendary Sharp and Pointy Toothpick and pokes Goku to death? You never know.
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